Why Is Your Resume Important?

Your resume is the main bridge between you and your future. Your resume controls the number of interviews you get, plays a vital role in the salary you can command and influences the quality of the jobs offered to you. Your resume is therefore one of your most important documents and probably has more impact on your future than any other document. This means that the effort, time and money invested in the development of a professional resume should be equivalent to its potential impact on your life. Even if you have a network of contacts who can introduce you to opportunities, you will still need an effective resume to most effectively present your expertise, experience, skills and qualities.
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The purpose of our resume writing service is to help position you amongst the chosen few to be selected from the multitude. You may be good enough to do the job. You may even be the best available. However, does your resume get that message across? There is no point in being the best, if you can't convince anyone to invite you to an interview.

The following testimonials confirm the impact and value of Tom Hannemann’s Professional Resume Writing Services. You can read more about Tom on our website.

"Tom does what I'm sure is not possible to do effectively if you try and do it on your own. I wish I had a dollar for each compliment I've received from nearly every reviewer who has seen my resume after Tom's work, because it is evident to many professional recruiters that it is of a particularly high standard.

I first engaged Tom several years back when I was going for an important role in the U.S. Not only did I get that role, but I have used him since at each transition as I have no doubts about his value. Not only that, he doesn't charge like a madman either! The impact will remain with you long after you've paid the fee.

I recommend his services without hesitation. I've already recommended at least 7-8 colleagues, friends and acquaintances and they also love his work"...Karl

"Hi Tom: I recently secured a position with an organisation that will provide me with a fantastic career opportunity. The remuneration package is great and the potential for career advancement equally attractive. Since receiving the profile you completed so quickly for me, I have had an amazing response from potential employers and recruitment firms. In most instances after sending my profile to potential employers I was contacted within hours and asked to an interview! The profile you created for me gave me the confidence to apply for positions I would not have previously considered within my reach. Thank you for the totally professional service you provided. I would recommend your organisation to any jobseeker seeking a superior result" ... Andrew.

"Tom, I would like to say a big thank you for the great job you have done in putting together my profile and cover letter. Within 3 hours of sending the job application I received a call offering me an interview. I had previously sent so many resumes without any success. So thank you so much" .... Lorraine.

"Armed with my new profile I applied for 5 jobs, got interviews with all of them, have been offered three, short-listed for the other two but have accepted the pick of the bunch. This would not have been possible with my old CV, so thank you for everything. I have also raved so much to my friends about my new 'profile' that they may be in contact with you to work your magic for them" ... Joanne.

The Amazing Results Executive Resume Writing Service includes:

  • A new professional Resume in Word and PDF format
  • A cover letter template
  • Free registration on our database for upcoming opportunities
  • Priority access to Amazing Results Executive Search Consultants
  • Lifetime Electronic Storage – should you need a replacement copy of your CV

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