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How to Achieve a Millionaire Mindset and Have it ALL!

How to Achieve a Millionaire Mindset and Have it ALL!
  • "Millionaire Coach"Kylie Hammond joins 15 of Australia’s best and most influential coaches who share their success secrets to achieving a millionaire mindset and having it all
  • Are you living the life you’ve dreamed of?In stock now for only $30 (inclusive of GST and P&H to Australian addresses only)

Imagine being able to make just one decision that could transform your entire life. And if by making that decision, your life immediately started heading in the direction you’ve always dreamed of. Would you jump in feet first? If you want to transform your life, Millionaire Coach will teach you: • How to master your mind to get what you want • How to accelerate your success • How to smash through the barriers holding you back • Why a few small changes can make a MASSIVE difference in your life • Why it’s important to love what you do!

Price:$30 (AUD)
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