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Employment Package for Immigrants

Employment Package for Immigrants
  • A faster way to enter the Australian job market At Resumes Australia we help immigrants prepare for interviews and find job opportunities faster, with programs designed to help you stand out and connect with recruiters and employers.
  • Broaden your horizons Be prepared, and learn what tough interviewers will ask.

A unique resume writing service and consultation service which is tailored for overseas and migrating candidates. This service is designed exclusively for management, executive and professional level candidates, and includes a resume which is tailored specifically for the Australian employment market, a customised introduction letter which outlines your reasons for coming to Australia, and your work visa status. This service for immigrants also includes an indepth phone consultation with Kylie Hammond, who will provide you with information on the nature of the Australian job market, and the processes that companies, executive search firms and recruiters adopt. You will also be given advice on how to go about approaching employers and executive search firms and recruiters, high level interview preparation and cultural awareness education. This service is co-delivered by Kylie Hammond and Tom Hannemann. Avoid the pitfalls of many overseas candidates by having professional advice and support during your move to Australia. This service is delivered within 10 business days of booking.

Price:$2,200 (AUD)
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