April - June 2008

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It's hard to believe we are into April already, the start of the year has just flown by and all of our team have been busy working on executive search assignments across Australia, as well as a number of exciting International assignments. If you are thinking of a job in Asia, UAE, USA or the UK, speak to one of our experienced Principal Consultants, and they can explore upcoming international career options with you.

New Consultant Joins the Amazing Results Team

I am delighted to welcome a very experienced Executive Search Consultant to our team. Jane Dwyer has joined our team and is a specialist Legal Search Consultant. Jane brings a wealth of experience to Amazing Results and is conducting legal searches both Nationally & Internationally. Jane has several very exciting Legal roles in New York, SanFrancisco, London & in Hong Kong. If you are an experienced lawyer, please don't hesitate to contact Jane via email to discuss upcoming career opportunities. Jane has a legal background herself and this places her in a unique position to assist clients and candidates alike. We are very excited to have Jane on our team as it enables us to concentrate on the Legal market which requires specialist resources and will allow us to provide a high quality search approach for our clients across the Legal industry.

Salary Negotiation: Help! I've Just Been Offered an Amazing Promotion!

Executive Coaching Services Sydney Australia

Negotiating your own salary package is probably one of the hardest aspects of the job change process. Renegotiating your salary package is even harder! A recent example springs to mind. We were engaged to confidentially partner with one of our senior executive candidates who was offered a promotion into a newly created role in the business. The candidate was very excited about the new role being offered, as it would provide him with national exposure and a closer reporting relationship to the CEO. However, he felt that he had originally joined the company in a salary range which was lower than the market rate for an executive with similar skills and experience, and this new role and promotion was being offered on the basis that he would still need to prove himself over several months before his current salary package would be reviewed. The company stated that if he didn't accept the role, that they would probably go external and find someone else to fill the position. From the candidates perspective, this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for, to address his overall compensation and future bonus potential as he was very keen to stay working with the company.

One of the biggest mistakes many executives make is to get swept up in the excitement of being offered a promotion without closely studying the new responsibilities involved, making sure that the new position is in line with their overall career plan and taking the opportunity to renegotiate a salary package when taking on a new role within the company. I can clearly remember at least two instances in my own corporate career when I was offered a promotion only to find out that there was no additional financial benefit and that the company was expecting me to "prove myself" in the new role. This is where good salary negotiation skills are critical, and the key to a successful re-negotiation process is to be armed with good market intelligence about salary packages in your field, have a good understanding of the new role and expectations, and have a desire to find a win-win for both parties.

Our candidate over a period of a number of weeks renegotiated his salary package which resulted in a 35% increase in base salary, as well as a number of long term incentives and bonuses which was a very good outcome for both parties. He could have accepted the new role and then tried to renegotiate his salary package in several months time, however wherever possible, we believe that the strongest point to renegotiate is BEFORE you take on a new role. The same goes for when you join a company - your strongest point to negotiate your salary package is when you are actually joining the company. Amazing Results Career Coaches & Executive Search Consultants are skilled in helping you in this important area, so please contact us for a confidential appointment.

Professional Resume Writing Services. Full resume and cover letter preparation for executives. Tom Hannemann Executive CV Writer & Interview Coach

Tom Hannemann has been assisting several corporate clients that are merging / acquiring new businesses, which has resulted in the Executive team requiring a new CV to assist the HR team to review executive appointments within the new businesses. Tom is one of Australia's leading Executive Resume Writers and he can assist executive's confidentially to help redesign their CV documentation to create a more effective employment marketing tool which can be used both internally and externally to assist the executive when applying for a new role, or as part of an overall HR assessment process. Our services are offered via our Online Shop and further inforamation can be received by sending an email to one of our HR Consultants.

Complimentary eBook: Executive Candidate Survival Guide
We have been working on putting the finishing touches on our complimentary eBook, "The Executive Candidate Survival Guide" which includes tips and tricks for resume development, interview techniques and salary negotiation. To download your free copy click here.

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Founder & Principal Consultant

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