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Welcome 2012: The Year of the Even Smarter Career Move!

The Year of the Even Smarter Career Move & The Rise & Rise of LinkedIn

Last year in my annual blog, I made the point that 2011 was going to be a challenging year for many and that it was the year to make smart career moves. This year it is going to be even more important. The employment landscape is changing yet again. With relatively low levels of employment, and candidates with hot skills in demand, headhunting is finally back in fashion. Top candidates will be approached, some several times during the course of the year to sound out if they are interested in new opportunities. The rise and rise of LinkedIn has changed the playing field. Having a good LinkedIn profile is just as important as a quality resume! Many employers can now reach out directly to top talent and initiate a conversation.I strongly recommend having those conversations, making new connections, and I always believe that there is value in going and chatting to your friendly headhunter who wants to discuss opportunities. BUT, make sure you have a good idea about what your game plan is and be armed with a career roadmap so that good opportunities are easy to spot and the 'dogs with fleas' can be politely passed on. The executives who make really smart career moves this year will reap the rewards.

Become Your Own Career Manager

I still believe that we are in the midst of one of the most radical shifts in the employment market seen in decades. Senior candidates who were made redundant in the fallout of GFC, found there were limited opportunities to return to full-time employment, which led to many thinking about taking a different approach towards employment. Many candidates with my assistance have implemented a "portfolio approach" towards employment which can involve Interim Management, Consulting, Board Appointments combined with Coaching or Business Mentoring.This was not only a good stop-gap option, but it has turned into a very rewarding and challenging opportunity which can involve a combination of employment and business opportunities. I would strongly encourage all candidates to rethink your overall career plan, consider what skills you need to support your current career path, always have your resume up-to-date, keep in touch with your network (including recruitment and executive search firms) and become your own career manager. Investigate career opportunities in recession proof industries, and consider engaging with a professional Career Coach to help execute a significant industry or job role / career change. Many industries and market sectors will boom in these uncertain times and this can provide interesting opportunities for the Executive who is prepared to reinvent themselves.

Work Life Balance

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I continue to meet with many executives that are on the verge of complete burnout or have next to no work-life balance. Emails and phone calls never seem to stop. During my Christmas break in Palm Beach this year, I had dreadful internet reception and for a whole week I couldn't access my emails. For the first couple of days I didn't know what was wrong with me as I was so used to constantly checking if there was a new email message. After a few days I started to relax again. Not looking at a computer screen for 1 week was something of a shock to the system. It made me think - just how did our lives get this crazy? I came back into the office 1 week later and downloaded 2,600 emails. The world has gone mad I said to myself as I carefully filed the emails away (code for putting them into one big folder to deal with another day). As I reflected back on the course of the year I thought about how many of my clients ring me without a second thought after 9pm at night, or send me emails on Sundays and Public Holidays expecting a response. This concept of 24 x 7 accessibility is going to have to change and the only way to achieve this is to set strict rules for what works, what doesn't and stick with it.

What are you going to do in 2012 to improve your work life balance? Do a self-analysis and a review of your accomplishments in all areas of your life; work, health, social, personal, spiritual, family. Work is an important part of how we derive our value and sense of belonging in the community; but it is only one component of a full life. Evaluate what is really important to you and design a career that is in harmony with your big picture goals and aspirations. Consider engaging with a professional Career Coach to help you on your journey!

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