Developing your Resume

Why Amazing Results is the Right Choice

When you engage Amazing Results to help you prepare your resume, you enlist the services of Tom Hannemann who is one of Australia’s leading resume writers over the past 15 years and has been Amazing Results Executive Resume Specialist since June 2006.

His credentials include:

  • Seek’s resident Resume Expert since October 2000.
  • 10 year career as a Senior Management Consultant focusing on human resource management, organisational change and culture, leadership development, recruitment and strategic thinking.
  • 10 year career as a Human Resources practitioner, culminating as National Manager of Training & Development for an organisation with over 10,000 employees.
  • Worked with one of the world’s largest recruitment firms.
  • Has been helping people advance their careers since 1993.
  • MBA majoring in Human Resource Management with a Distinction average from the University of Melbourne.
  • BSc majoring Psychology with a Distinction average.

The Process of Developing your Resume

The process has been designed with the busy executive in mind. You don’t need to make appointments for personal visits or extended phone consultations during business hours. You decide when you want to allocate the time to provide the input we will need.

If you have a Résumé

  • Your existing resume will be overhauled to produce a first draft: the information is re-worked, re-organised and re-formatted to ensure that its current contents are organised, expressed and presented in the best possible way. It becomes a professional, appealing, crisp and easily read document.
  • Questions will be incorporated throughout the draft to obtain additional information from you about your experience, expertise, achievements and the challenges and issues you have faced.
  • The perspective of a potential employer or an executive recruitment consultant is adopted to ensure that your new resume will give them the type, level and depth of information and the insight they will need to develop the appropriate perception of your capacity to contribute in the roles in which you are interested.
  • The draft containing the questions is emailed to you as a Word document.
  • You respond to the questions contained in the draft and return it via email.
  • Your responses are re-worked, synthesised, edited and integrated to finalise the document and the final draft is sent to you for approval.
  • Necessary additional adjustments and fine tuning are then made.

If you do not have a Résumé

  • A template to enable you to provide information about your career will be sent to you via email in Word format. You can then provide the information requested in the template and it back by email.
  • This document then becomes your ‘existing’ resume and the above process is then followed.

Time Frame

We recommend that you allow 10 business days for the entire process. However, if you need to submit an application more urgently, please still book our service as we are usually able to accommodate more urgent assignments.

Tom Hannemann

Tom Hannemann is one of Australia's foremost Executive Resume Writers & Interview Coaches. He has been helping senior executives, managers and professionals across all industries advance their careers since 1993. Amazing Results is delighted to partner and work with Tom, who leads our Executive Resume Writing Service in Australia and across the globe. He focuses on helping our senior executive candidates develop cutting edge Executive Profiles, CV's and Director Profiles. Tom has over 20 years experience in Human Resources, senior management, business development and senior management consulting roles. He is SEEK's resume writing expert and has worked with one of the world's largest recruitment firms. Tom Hannemann is a specialist in providing career advancement services, with strong business acumen supported by an MBA from Australia's top two business schools. Having reviewed thousands of resumes & interviewed hundreds of candidates, Tom brings his unique experience to the resume writing process and works closely with our clients to develop a resume that secures interviews!